RWhat is the difference between a levy and a bond?


A:  A levy is a tax that supplements funding for schools.  State levy funds will pay for basic educational needs and local levy funding will pay for extra & co-curricular activities such as athletics, clubs, after school programs, and many student enrichment activities.


 A bond is voter approved debt that funds construction and renovation projects like our High School and Freshman Campus projects.



RWhere can I get information for the 2019 School Bond ?


A: West Valley School District has created a website specifically for information regarding their facilities and the current bond.


For information please visit:


For bond FAQ's please visit:



RWhat percentage of "YES" votes are needed to pass the bond?


A: We will need a super majority of 60% + 1 vote to approve the bond.



RWhat is a "Guardian Angel"?


A: A Guardian Angel is a community member that volunteers to reach out to their network of family and friends to make sure that they have received the information needed to support the levy or bond measure.  Find out more information at the following link:



RI lost my ballot...what do I do?


A: You have a few options:

1) Give the County a call 509-574-1400 and see if there is time to send you a replacement ballot.


2) Visit the County in person at 128 N 2nd Street, Room 117.


3) Print out your ballot from home by visiting the County website:


If you still are unable to get a ballot please send us an email and we'll do our best to help you out:

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